Example Of A Daily Marketing Plan

If you are a newbie and planning to start an internet business, you will be in a lot of trouble if you did not create a detailed plan. It will be like building a house without its blueprint.

Here is an example of charting out a plan on how to build your internet business all the way to marketing it.

Day one
Find a discussion board that is related to your niche market by searching for internet business discussion boards.

There are 2 great ones you can start with



Observe if the discussion board is responsive

Day two

Choose and participate in 2 or three forums. Ask them what products are hot in the market. Should you go into resell rights? Or being an affiliate? Surf around, if you are interested in a product or two, ask them if that product is hot.

Also ask them what hosting/emails/autoresponders etc. package is the best out there.

Day three

You would have gotten your answers on discussion boards. Surf around and check out the products they have recommended.

Pick some products of your choice and go to http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion to check if there is a demand for your product theme. For example, if you are selling a guide to play the guitar. Find out if anyone is searching for “guitar guides” or “learn to play guitar”

Day four

Ask for reviews on the product you plan to buy. Make sure the product you have chosen is a proven seller.

At this time, you would have gotten a few suggestions on webhosting packages.
Also, you can start with [http://www.onward2.com/bwizards]

Day five

The day to make purchases. Today is the day where you buy your product, your webhosting, and your domain name.

You can register your domain at http://www.godaddy.com/

Day Six, Seven, Eight

Set up your webhost, emails, uploading your sales letter (assuming you have purchased a product that came with a sales letter; it is the fastest way to start a business!)

Test and test until you find that everything is working fine and in order.

Day nine

Plan your marketing strategies.

Day Ten

Join an ezine directory such as http://www.directoryofezines.com and subscribe to five of the ezines and see how articles are written. You can also try http://www.worldwidelists.com

Day Eleven

Write an article that is related to your product. For example, if you are selling resale rights ebooks, you can write an article about “the benefits of starting a resale rights business” etc.

Day Twelve

Read your article from yesterday and edit it.

Day Thirteen

Compile a list of article directories. (There is an article on my website at [http://ebizmodelsyoucancopy.blogspot.com/] that has a list of article directories. It is titled
“Submitting Articles” dated 30th June 2005.

Day Fourteen

Submit your article to every article directory you can find. On the way, you will also find publishers that are interested to publish your ezine. Submit your articles to them as well.

Day Fifteen

Take a rest, check your results.

The above is just a sample possible business plan. Create your own plan and stick to it. The idea I am trying to get across to you is that you have to write out your own marketing plan. Then follow it. If you don’t, you’ll spend more time answering emails and surfing websites than you do building your business.

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